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New to Dentures? Here’s What to Expect When Talking!

December 6, 2023

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woman smiling while wearing dentures

Getting dentures in Midlothian can be a transformative experience, bringing back the confidence of a complete smile. However, adapting to speaking with these oral prosthetics can pose a challenge for many people. Below, you’ll learn about the adjustments you might encounter and some valuable tips and tricks to make the transition smoother.

What Changes with Dentures?

One of the immediate adjustments with dentures is the impact on speech. It’s common to experience changes in pronunciation, clarity, and even the sound of your voice. This is primarily due to the new structure in your mouth, and it’s essential to be patient with yourself during this adaptation period.

Dentures might also initially trigger an increase in saliva production as your mouth adapts to the foreign object. While this is a temporary adjustment, it’s important to be mindful of it, especially during conversations.

Tips for Adjusting to Speaking with Dentures

Don’t worry – you will get the hang of speaking with dentures eventually! Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Practice Regularly – Like any skill, practice makes perfect. Spend some time each day reading aloud or engaging in conversations with friends and family. This helps your tongue and muscles get used to the new dynamics of speaking with dentures.
  • Start Slow – Begin with simple words and sentences, gradually progressing to more complex speech patterns. This step-by-step approach allows you to build confidence in your ability to articulate effectively with your dentures.
  • Use Denture Adhesive – Denture adhesive can provide additional stability, preventing slippage during speech. Consult with your dentist to determine the appropriate amount and type of adhesive for your specific dentures.
  • Stay Hydrated – Proper hydration helps maintain the balance of saliva in your mouth, reducing the chances of excessive salivation. Sipping water throughout the day can be especially helpful when you’re engaged in conversations.

What to Expect in the Long Run

There are many benefits to look forward to when getting dentures in Midlothian. Some of those include:

  • Improved Confidence – As you consistently practice and adapt, your confidence in speaking with dentures will grow. Remember that it’s a gradual process, and setbacks are a natural part of the learning curve.
  • Natural Articulation – Over time, you’ll likely regain a natural articulation that closely resembles your speech before dentures. The muscles in your mouth will adjust, contributing to a more seamless and effortless communication experience.

Speaking with dentures may present initial challenges, but with patience, practice, and the right strategies, you can overcome these hurdles. Embrace the journey of adapting to your new teeth, and remember that seeking guidance from your dentist can make the process smoother!

About the Practice

At Long Family Dental, we take pride in delivering personalized and compassionate dental care to individuals and families in Midlothian and surrounding areas. With a focus on quality and utilizing the latest dental technology, we are dedicated to helping our nearby patients maintain healthy and happy smiles for years to come! For more tips and tricks on talking with dentures, reach out to our team via our website or call (972) 833-6307.

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