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The Evolution of Dental Implants

April 10, 2024

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woman smiling with dental implant in mouth

Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth restoration today, offering a promising solution with their remarkable success rates and potential to last over two decades. However, their journey to this point has been marked by centuries of innovation and evolution. Continue reading to learn about the fascinating history of dental implants, and why now is the perfect time to consider this treatment!

Ancient Materials: Early Attempts at Tooth Replacement

In ancient civilizations, they replaced missing teeth with rudimentary techniques that were heavily reliant on the available materials of the time. Archaeological evidence reveals findings dating back to 600 A.D., showcasing early attempts in China where bamboo pegs were carved and attempted to be used as false teeth.

2,000 years later, the Egyptians tried something similar but used precious materials like ivory, jade, and even metal. In fact, the first recorded instance of a metal dental implant was traced back to an Egyptian king around 1,000 B.C.

Early Modern Updates

After these initial attempts, there were no significant advancements in dental implant technology for centuries because the materials used often faced rejection by the human body. By the 18th century, attempts to improve dental implants led to the experimentation with materials like gold alloys, followed by silver and porcelain in the 19th century. However, despite these efforts, finding a substance that could seamlessly fuse with human bone continued to be a challenge.

Modern Developments: Milestones in Dental Implant Evolution

The 20th century brought newfound hope for dental implants. In the early 1900s, brothers Drs. Alvin and Moses Strock made significant strides by introducing Vitallium, a material previously used in hip bone surgeries, as a viable option for dental implants. This breakthrough marked a turning point, offering a more long-lasting solution for tooth restoration.

However, the most revolutionary breakthrough came in 1952 when Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark’s research on bone regeneration led to the accidental discovery of titanium’s remarkable bonding properties with bone tissue. This revelation paved the way for modern dental implants, with titanium implants first applied to dental patients in 1965.

Current Concepts

Fast forward to the present day, dental implant technology has undergone incredible advancements thanks to innovations in tools and materials. Patients can now benefit from cutting-edge techniques such as robot-assisted surgeries, 3D printing, and advanced materials designed to prevent bacterial biofilms. With a 95% success rate and reduced risk of complications, modern dental implants offer a level of functionality and aesthetics unlike any other solution.

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